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Avocado Mobile Retail Self-Service Application

Avocado Mobile Retail Self-Service Application

When there is no need any more to “speed-up the queue”, no “desk”, where the customer should go, the retailers have challenges how to optimize checkout process, personalize customer shopping experience and increase their loyalty.
Supports Android and iOS devices
Used on Zebra PS mobile devices
Integrated with Epson Printers

Avocado is a mobile application used as Q-busting application or Self-Scanning application. Avocado transactions are transferred to Point of Sale application. Avocado gets information about items (products) from store server database. Avocado has integration with mobile camera, device scanner, portable printer (Wi-Fi/Bluetooth).

Avocado allows to attract customers to the store and keep them returning to the store chain

  •        Loyalty card support
  •        Store promotions are delivered to device
  •        Application allows searching of product information

Avocado optimizes the checkout process

  •       scanned by customer or store assistant
  •       Data is sent to POS/self-payment terminal automatically
  •       Refund mode
  •       Bottle return registration

In the store new concept stores has been organized with “single queue”, where customers are waiting in one queue, feeding multiple POS Lanes. Using Avocado mobile application shopper or operator scans goods and scanned goods will immediately be “bagged”.

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