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Cloud Migration and Management (Azure, AWS, Oracle, Google, etc.)

Cloud Migration and Management (Azure, AWS, Oracle, Google, etc.)

GDC Services supports our customers on the cloud journey, providing end-to-end services for Cloud Migration and Management of Cloud platforms (Azure, AWS, Google, etc.).

In the modern digital world, limitations of traditional on-premise infrastructures are more and more obvious, and leveraging cloud advantages became a key to success for many companies. However, there are also many companies disappointed with their cloud journey because their route to cloud was strewn with obstacles or because in the end of the journey they were left alone and didn’t know what to do next.

GDC Services offers to shorten your way to the clouds to 6 simple steps and can help you manage and maintain your cloud even when you’re there with our set of Cloud Services.

5 steps to the cloud

GDC Services offers a simple and effective way to migrate your infrastructure to the cloud and transform it to leverage cloud advantages. It consists of 6 steps:

  1. Discovery – experts inspect your infrastructure, discovering servers, applications, dependencies etc. 

  2. Infrastructure and Application Assessment – using discovered information, experts assess your infrastructure for eligibility and suitability to be migrated to clouds. As an option, GDC Services experts can also assess business applications and suggest the best options for moving them to clouds with minimal investments.

  3. Migration Planning & Cloud design – detailed planning of future migration, including creation of designs, project plans, etc.

  4. Landing zones build – experts build everything you need to migrate your workloads to clouds. This also includes building new (non-related to migration) elements of infrastructure in the cloud.

  5. Cloud Migration – actual migration of workloads, including all the pre- and post-migrations check, so that you could be sure that everything works after the migration.

Management, maintenance and optimization

After the migration it is important to make sure that the infrastructure and all the applications are in a good shape and working as usual. To help customers with that uneasy task, experts have another set of services, intended to manage, maintain and improve your cloud infrastructure.

  • Cloud management service provide day-to-day maintenance, configuration and support of all components of major Cloud platforms on the market: Azure, AWS, Google, Oracle, Alibaba, etc. It also includes support and configuration of your traditional workloads – servers, databases, networks.

  • Private Cloud management does the same for private clouds – VMware and OpenStack. The difference is that GDC Services can also provide support for the “below the waterline” infrastructure, meaning we’ll make sure that your private cloud itself is up and running.

  • Managed Container Platform will help you with your containerized applications. The service comprises implementation, configuration and support of different containerization software – from Docker to Rancher. Optionally, GDC Services can also help with containerization of your applications.

  • Cloud Optimization includes cloud consulting to improve your cloud experience, enhance cloud performance, decrease costs.

  • IaC management and DevOps services will help you to implement Infrastructure as Code approaches in your infrastructure support and make a step towards application-centric environments with DevOps and SRE approaches.


Resource usage optimization
Cleverly designed cloud infrastructure improves overall performance and optimize number of cloud resources consumed by your applications.
Automation and orchestration
Our experts developed many different frameworks for our customers to manage their cloud infrastructure with minimal efforts and with maximum speed – we can do the same for you.
Five simple steps will bring you to the Cloud.
Experts have experience in migration and support of every major cloud on the market.
Best practices acquired by GDC Services during years of successful service delivery allow us to keep high KPI and Customer satisfaction values at all times.


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