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Top management
Chris Ellis
Chief Executive Officer
Dejan Vujovic
Chief Operations Officer
Olga Cherutova
Director of business operations
Vojkan Todorovic
Deputy Director
Vojkan Todorovic is the head of CXC and deputy director of GDC Services.

During his tenure in GDC Services Vojkan has been responsible for various global customers from major industrial sectors (retail, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, etc.) His teams have successfully transitioned and provided service to partners across the globe from US to Japan.

Over a 10+ year career in professional services, Vojkan was forged in the fires of some of the biggest global companies. He has started as a service desk agent and worked his way to leading some of the biggest teams in the global portfolio. His biggest goal in business is to grow people from within and retain the quality people in the company, while providing the exceptional service to our customers and partners.