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International Fashion Retail Chain

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It was requested to developed and rolled out application on two new countries - within the small team, working on improvements and providing the service in parallel.


A complex application, presented in simple user-friendly manner, allows cashiers over the world sell products quickly and store managers be on track with finance part. Application is integrated with:

  • Peripheral devices, fiscal services
  • Customer finance system
  • Customer products system
Support teams maintain the product 24/7 and proactively resolve issues via especially developed tool which catch system malfunctions.


  • Released 100 + stores in two new countries with 800 Tills in total for 3 months
  • 100 SLA during the service, high customer satisfaction
  • Developed integration with customer internal access management, new type of peripheral, self-checkout Tills
  • 240 stores in different regions under 6 FTE L2 and L3 support teams

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