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Improving the Predictability of Team Deliveries


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  • Delivery deadlines are regularly violated
  • Lack of a common vision on product and product development
  • New requirements pop up in the sprint. At the end of the sprint, less than 50% of the planned tasks are completed
  • Lack of trust of team’s forecasts from stakeholders


  • Agreed to reserve 30% capacity of the team for dealing with urgent requests during sprint
  • Launching PBR (Product Backlog Refinement) to prepare for planning
  • Helped Product Owner to create a product vision and share it with the team
  • Conducting workshops on a product roadmap development with the involvement of the entire team


  • The team gained a shared understanding of the product and vision on product roadmap
  • Motivation of the team were increased
  • Team began to form an approximate plan for features / stories and study possible architecture in advance
  • As a result of sprints, 70% of scheduled tasks are closed

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