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The “Factory” Approach to Seamless Cloud Migration

The “Factory” Approach to Seamless Cloud Migration


In today's fast-paced business world, the ability to quickly adapt to changes is crucial for success. Cloud migration is a change that businesses are rapidly adopting to stay competitive. And here comes GDC Services, providing an usual way of solving the Customer’s needs in the Cloud.

The team at GDC Services offers migration services for clients' workloads in a various scenario. Whether it is migration from one data center to another, move from on-premises to the cloud (Azure, AWS), migration of individual solutions (e.g., Exchange, SharePoint, Office 365, etc.), or even translation from multivendor solutions to a single system, GDC Services has the expertise and experience to make the migration process seamless.

One of the key differentiators of GDC Services is the "factory" approach to cloud migration. It involves breaking down the migration process into smaller, manageable pieces, which are then processed in a factory-like environment. This approach ensures excellent quality and reduces the time required for migration.

“GDC Services' approach to cloud migration has been widely appreciated by clients across various industries. This approach ensures seamless, efficient, and cost-effective migration. Working on a worldwide projects GDC Services’ experts accelerate the customer’s cloud journey and provide the reliable and adaptive solutions to support their business,” says Boris Matic, Lead Cloud Migration Specialist.

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