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GDC Services named as Top Cybersecurity Company in Serbia for 2023

GDC Services named as Top Cybersecurity Company in Serbia for 2023


In the realm of digital defense, GDC Services stands tall as a testament to unwavering commitment and expertise. Recently, the company has been lauded as the Top Cybersecurity Company in Serbia for 2023 by Clutch. This accolade is not just a mere recognition but a reflection of GDC's consistent place among the Top 15 in this coveted category. The award underscores the company’s dedication to offering comprehensive and robust cybersecurity solutions.

At the heart of GDC's success is its diverse array of cybersecurity services. These include a 24x7 Security Operations Centre, advanced SIEM systems, thorough Penetration Testing, and reliable IDS/IPS. The company also ensures robust digital protection with its effective Firewall and Antivirus solutions. Each service is tailored to provide unwavering defense against the ever-evolving cyber threats.

The journey of GDC Services is one marked by constant evolution and improvement. Day by day, we grow stronger and more adept, embodying the ethos of becoming a better version of ourselves. This pursuit of excellence ensures that we are always equipped to provide top-tier services to our customers, safeguarding their digital landscapes in an increasingly interconnected world”, adds Sergey Stromilo, Head of Infrastructure and Applications Management of GDC Services.

Further cementing its position in the industry, GDC Services prides itself on working with top-tier industry vendors. These partnerships enhance GDC Services's capabilities in various domains, ranging from cybersecurity and cloud computing to automation and data management.

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