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Introductory safe course

Introductory safe course


Last week in Belgrade, GDC Services Project Office held a special introductory Scaled Agile Framework course. Organized by a certified Agile Coach, a GDC Services Project Manager Luka Mitrovic, the course descripted the most popular Agile scaling framework, its principles, values, and practices. 

The participants have learned how to view things from a SAFe perspective, including (but not limited to) the SAFe principles, the core values, as well as the competencies explaining the use of the framework. 

"It was a certified course, and I'm sure that from now on all the participants will pass the final exams and proceed using SAFe within the work with their customers", said Luka.

The Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) is a framework for scaling Agile across the organization. It uses patterns, principles and tools for successful large-scale product development.

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