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GDC Services provides Agile solutions for businesses

GDC Services provides Agile solutions for businesses


Belgrade Agile Center of Excellence (BACE) department has been working since 2021 and has 40+ successfully completed projects. 12 agile experts provide services of reviewing, evaluating, designing, and implementing Agile framework across the company.  

BACE covers the following expertise: 

  • Guiding organizations through Agile Transformation,
  • Introducing and helping maintain Agile and Scrum practices,
  • Process mapping and improvement,
  • Establishing the use of Agile methodologies based on specific client needs,
  • Roadmap creation and vision mapping. 

Today, the center has a successful ongoing multi-year partnership with several large EU companies leading in the industries of retail, tobacco, and luxury goods. It also has over 40 small and medium complexity projects, the smallest of which has a market cap of over 3 billion USD.

Belgrade Agile Center of Excellence organizes individual or team training to fill knowledge gaps and periodically handle special introductory Scaled Agile Framework courses. 

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