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GDC Services&CyberSpace: Guardians of your Cyber Galaxy

GDC Services&CyberSpace: Guardians of your Cyber Galaxy


According to Cybersecurity Ventures, cybercrimes are becoming the greatest transfer of economic wealth in history. Global ransomware damage costs are predicted to exceed $265 billion by 2031. The frequency of ransomware attacks on governments, businesses, consumers, and devices will reach every two seconds by 2031. With this exponential rise of cyber threats and their gravest consequences, it is essential that businesses take a proactive approach to protecting their sensitive data and intellectual property.

GDC Services and CyberSpace, two Serbian rooted companies, have joined their forces to provide clients with an enhanced portfolio of advanced cyber services.

The collaboration between the two companies brings a range of benefits to clients:

1) Together, GDC Services and CyberSpace can provide a comprehensive cybersecurity service that covers all aspects of cyber risk management both when building a security system from scratch and when changing the current system.

GDC Services' expertise in managed detection and response (MDR), vulnerability management, threat analysis and investigation, and threat hunting is complemented by CyberSpace’s advanced cyber services such as cyber forensics, consulting, cyber threat intelligence (CTI), structured assessment and audits.

2) CyberSpace's vendor-independent company with long experience in international operations to combat cybercrime, focused on structural assessments based on the security standards and best practices, and advanced cyber intelligence services based on the possession of large database sources worldwide. CyberSpace provides clients with tailor made solutions adopted for their specific needs and industry.

3) Providing MDR as a Service, GDC Services enables clients of any size to respond quickly and effectively to any kind of cyber threats with affordable investments.

‘The collaboration between GDC Services and CyberSpace company is a win-win situation for both companies and our clients. With combined expertise, GDC Services and CyberSpace are well-positioned to help businesses stay secure and confident in today's digital landscape’, says Chris Ellis, CEO of GDC Services.


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