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Retail BI

Retail BI

Reveal the hidden power of your data using our service based on methods of mathematical statistics and advanced data processing techniques and tools for a better decision making
Qlik Sense
Apache Superset
Retail BI is a modular Business Intelligence system developed by GDC Services  on the Qlik Sense platform. 

Retail BI system includes 4 applications, each of which represents an independent functional area:

  • Sales & Marketing
  • Loss prevention
  • Human resources
  • Logistics
The service allows adding a value to the existing customer data by opening new opportunities for analysis and visualization, which improves user experience and provides better options for decision making.

We offer advanced expertise of creating data models using ETL (extract, transform, load) approach, rich experience in analysing data involving methods of mathematical statistics as well as visualization highlighting the most crucial aspects for decision making.

We use SQL, Qlik Sense, Apache Superset.


Exploration of large volumes of Point-Of-Sale data
Exploration of large volumes of Point-Of-Sale data through Qlik’s in-memory associative data layer, which enables non-linear analytical paths and drill through to details
Consolidation of all data types
Consolidation of all data types rapidly from disparate sources to create ‘what-if’ scenarios
Combination of multiple sources
Combination of multiple sources of store operation data including POS data, customer surveys, inventory, and financial plan data, which can be searched on and annotated
Quick response to market forces and minimization of manual efforts
Real-time mobile access
Real-time mobile access to store performance dashboards for field operations management
A team of purposeful creative developers ready to suggest the best solution for any case including adaptation of the experience on new platforms


Retail BI

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