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Automated ITSM Coordinator

Automated ITSM Coordinator

Automatic Incident Coordinator (AIC) a solution using AI/Machine Learning to automate routine tasks in ITSM processes - automatically assign tickets to the correct resolver team and the most suitable individual engineer.

Last year, AIC automation processed over +115k tickets, saving over 15.5k work hours.

The solution can perform Clustering, Categorization, Routing, and Prioritization of incidents or Service requests (Task) or Change task (Ctask) in ITSM. The Service can provide Content Recommendations to help resolver groups find the best and fastest solution to related problems.

This service combines two layers of ticket processing. First layer is for routing tickets from Service Desk tire (L1 routing) to the resolver group. The Second layer is intended for routing and assigning tickets to the most appropriate technician (L2 routing).

The Service automatically assigns tickets to predictive Service Delivery Units (SDU) based on Scope of the Service and Service KPI, and then assigns that ticket to the most appropriate technician.

The Service automatically distributes tickets between technicians in the corresponding SDU team, reassigns tickets if needed, makes a hint to technicians in ITSM.

The AIC solution is lightweight and smaller than competitors in today’s market. Easily integrates into any ITSM system without any changes from ITSM side.


Less human errors
Less human errors, shortened incident lifecycle and even workload across the team.
Cost reduction
Cost reduction and quality improvement in ticket processing.
Improvement of SLA
Overall improvement of SLA and customer satisfaction.
Increased productivity
Increase productivity using natural language processing to recommend related incidents, cases, and knowledge.
Decrease resolution time
Decrease resolution time due to automatic routing & categorization.

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