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DevOps for Dev Teams

DevOps for Dev Teams

Continuous integration and delivery: from development to operations. 

The full-cycle DevOps including software engineering, quality assurance and operations areas. 

GDC Services provides customers with full-cycle DevOps service to easily cooperate with development processes, contribute to the delivery processes and automation processes to enable business to quickly develop new customer services and implement new business ideas. 

The service provides ongoing maintenance, fast systems restore and quick software delivery to the customers. 

The minimal restoration time increases software availability and decreases financial loss as the business impact. In additional, the fast vendor-to-customer software delivery allows business to use the up-to-date functionality of the software to get maximum market advantages.

Working with GDC Services, you get: 

High quality service

  • Continuous infrastructure improvements based on the analysis of incident and alerts statistics. 
  • Standardization and keeping the infrastructure relevant to corporate standards. 
  • Work according to DevOps practices and flexible methodologies (Agile, Scrum). 
  • Following Lean and continuous improvements methodologies.
  • Round-the-clock support 24/7/365, business continuous plan, different Internet communication channels. 

Highly experienced specialists

  • Engineers certified by international vendors (Red Hat, SUSE, LPIC, The Linux Foundation, Microsoft, HachiCorp, Google, etc.). 
  • Extensive experience in supporting commercial Operating systems, databases, storage, networking, and enterprise-level applications. 
  • Experts focused on maximum automation of routine operations (Ansible / SaltStack / Bash / Python). 
  • The company provides continuous professional engineers’ skills development and professional growth.
  • Engineers are fluent in English. 

GDC Services uses the most effective tools in accordance with exact tasks demanded. Experts are highly experienced working with wide DevOps tool set, such as GitLab, Jenkins, Ansible, Terraform, Docker, Kubernetes, OpenShift, Python, PowerShell, Bash, etc. to build most effective CI/CD, IaC and QA automation.


Improved application reliability and security
DevOps tools include those that analyze software source code to determine if it contains security flaws. There are also applications that scan services for vulnerabilities.
Flexible and fault-tolerant systems build
This is achieved by using Cloud and contained infrastructure. It enables the speedy scaling of the system, using only the required resources, and quickly increasing systems capacity.
Time to market reduction
Scalable infrastructures: cloud platforms, build acceleration tools, parallel workflows, work in the same environment - palpably reducing the work duration needed. Speed of deploying and running the application is increased.
Errors and bugs reduction
One of the reasons deployment fails is due to bugs. In DevOps, development cycles are shorter than usual, so code comes out more often. As a result, it becomes easier to find errors, which means that the quantity of failures is reduced.
Less involvement of developers
Collecting experience, our DevOps service provide new value for developers from year to year. New service components and service deliverables keep up with new business needs. There is no need for developers to be concerned with anything regarding software deing up-to-date and work in place.


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