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Apple Enterprise Management

Apple Enterprise Management

Apple Enterprise Management is a service for connection, management and protection  of Apple products, apps and corporate resources without ever touch the device.
Apple Enterprise Management is a solution to manage all Apple devices including Image management, patch management, applications support, etc.

 Service Covers following areas:
  • Zero-touch deployment - Deploy devices to any employee, anywhere using automated enrolment and configurations provisioning.
  • Identity-based access - Provision devices with business-critical applications based solely on an employee’s cloud-identity credentials. Through a single username and password, users enjoy a seamless experience when accessing their device and applications. And with multifactor authentication enabled for every login, rest easy knowing the right person is accessing the machine and resources.
  • Device management - Provisioning of end user expert support via remote management and the use of configuration profiles, policies, smart targeting and scripts to automate Apple devices management.
  • Inventory management - Automatically collect user, hardware, software and security device data to trigger management actions.
  • Security management – encryption, passcodes, FileVault policies for macOS, restrict malicious software and patch all Apple devices without any user interaction.


High level of automation
High level of automation helps to save both time and efforts and minimize human errors risks
User’s productivity growth
User’s productivity growth due to device management without negatively impacting the end-user experience or requiring IT to physically touch the device
Fills the gap
Apple Enterprise Management fills the gap between what Apple offers and the enterprise requires

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