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Internet of Things

Internet of Things

IoT Solutions Development and Support can help you take an advantage from the real-world processes of your business: equipment monitoring and control, technical process automation, staff monitoring and safety, digital twins. Take your equipment under control and make it effective and efficient.

IoT development group proposes the full cycle design and development of any kind IoT Solutions from the small wearing devices to the huge distributed industrial solutions including hardware and software to monitor and control of many devices.

Design and Development of IoT Solution commonly includes five separate areas where design and development activities should be performed:

  • Hardware selection or development
  • IoT platform adjustment and customization
  • Business application development based on the certain IoT platform
  • Network communication design
  • DevOps planning including CI/CD process automation

In case there is the current IoT solution that should be enhanced or supported to keep it working consistently we provide the service of 3rd line support after the due-diligence and hand-over phases.

IoT solutions can be the only option in case you:

  • Need accessibility to big data sets related with your production equipment, along with the autonomous collection and exchange of data to easier gain insights into things like customer behaviours and product performance.
  • Want to deliver personalized service. IoT devices connect you with consumer base, you can analyze data to understand better your customers’ purchasing cycles. This will enable you to create more focused and effective marketing campaigns.
  • Company achieved the stage when it must revaluate current business models and adopt entirely new operating models. By cycling IoT-data back into the business, it can make intelligent business decisions that start with service and drive new innovations that meet expectations.
  • Need to quickly diagnose a problem with equipment before a catastrophic failure reduces margins. With IoT, a company can compare one factory to another and take appropriate measures to ensure all factories and production lines are running smoothly.
  • Employees’ worksites are placed in hazardous conditions and company needs to monitor the health, location, and compliance of individual workers to ensure safety. With the data collected, businesses can improve policies, adhere to regulations, and prevent accidents.


New business models
Ability to create and enhance the company’s offerings to the market with new business models and personalization options
Safe worksites
Safe worksites and comfortable environment for customers and employees
Predictable production and business results
Predictable production and business results based on actual data and digital twin approach
Reduced equipment maintenance costs
Reduced equipment maintenance costs and downtime costs thanks to the shift from scheduled to on-condition maintenance
Decisions are based on real and timely data
Accurate, fast, and informed business decisions regard to equipment and assets - decisions are based on real and timely data, not on intuition and opinion

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