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Implementation of Dell PCaaS Program


Leading Multinational Tobacco Manufacturer

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International tobacco company has decided to move entire PC supply to “As A Service” mode of operation and named this initiative Dell PC as a Service (PCaaS).

With 40.000 PC devices currently and more than 10.000 due for refreshment in 2021, PC supplier has been changed recently from Lenovo to Dell with a lot of devices from both brands currently in use. We were engaged to prepare infrastructure and Windows 10 image to support Dell PCaaS Program.

Dell PCaaS requires Preboot eXecution Environment (PXE) as primary deployment method. Image task sequence was prepared with priority on PXE deployment. Hence re-build of Dell machines is not possible without required infrastructure.

Lenovo laptops and desktop are currently being rebuilt using USB sticks. With USB Drive Write restrictions implemented recently, it is difficult to create new or update existing USB sticks.


1. It was agreed to manage PCaaS related projects as a program in order to successfully co-ordinate activities on several related projects (Test lab setup, Pre-factory builds preparing) with common objectives and goals, shared resources and a number of dependencies that truly benefits from managing it as a program. The program was managed with on-site support from partner.

2. Four projects were initiated as part of PCaaS program:

2.1.  PCaaS Image and Infrastructure

  • New PXE image creation
  • PXE infrastructure in Dell factories
  • PXE infrastructure in customer end market (EM) sites

2.2.  PCaaS Image for very specific branch

2.3.  PCaaS Test Lab

2.4.  PCaaS USB Image

3. Agile project management approach was used in certain areas when this type of engagement was needed and beneficial.

4. End-to-end Project Management approach was applied to facilitate partners, 3rd parties, Dell to run complex project activities with minimal engagement of Client resources.


  • PCaaS Program enabled large scale PC imaging and preparations within shorter timelines, faster PC setup, less and shorter engagement of technician and engineers from PC producer
  • Design and development of the new Dell PXE/SCCM infrastructure solution to support automated Dell factory and local end-market imaging of the Dell PCs
  • Development, testing and delivery of the new Dell PXE image consisting of the updated Windows 10 image, latest applications, hardware driver packs and task sequences in support of automated Dell PC imaging
  • Specific branch builds were prepared within very challenging timelines
  • Development of the USB image for Dell PCs to support local end-market builds of Dell PCs
  • Successful set up, deployment and testing of the PXE/SCCM infrastructure and VPN connectivity at all the Dell Connected Configuration Centers in-scope globally
  • Successful deployment of the first Dell PCs to be built with the image, i.e. the “First Article” PCs from Dell factory. This first article confirms that the PXE/SCCM solution works as intended and paves the way for mass volume deployment of Dell PCs from Kunshan and our other Dell Connected Config Centers.
  • Design and setting up the Test Lab to allow remote development and testing for our Dell and Lenovo PCs.

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