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Project & Operations Management for a Major Japanese Tire Manufacturing Company

A Major Japanese Tire Manufacturing Company

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Client was in delivery stages of an important Digital Transformation program, covering Networking, Workplace and global Operations Management. The company was faced with lack of management resources for rollout planning and delivery, poor documentation management, and stakeholder communication, which was obstructing successful delivery of the project.

Communication issues between teams, vendors, and partners were driving efficiency down and creating difficult technical situations. No escalation processes, wrong ticket routing, and lack of organization appeared evident causes for operations inefficiencies.

Thus, we needed to:

— Perform a comprehensive analysis identifying gaps and inefficiencies in support operations, inefficient vendor management, teams silos identification, and lack of management capabilities within delivery teams.

— Execute the improvement and deployment plan streamlining complex organizational synergies, as the relationships with third parties.

— Provide key resources in the most relevant roles to be able to fill in the gaps and maximize value: Project Management, Operations Management, Network engineering.


The solution has been set up over 7 months in the following stages.

First, GDC Services’ experienced team helped streamline and manage a certain project within the program by working with client's external provider. We started with defining the missing delivery processes and establishing a good documentation baseline.

We organized the client’s database to facilitate required documentation as well as established regular communication with the internal and external stakeholders.

Our work in global operations and data operations management has been instrumental in identifying gaps and inefficiencies through the global delivery of operations.

Delivery processes are being redefined. Training programs are being deployed in order for the teams to engage with the new processes and procedures. ITIL framework is being enforced.

Delivery teams are being properly managed and relations with vendors and 3rd parties improved by maximizing their engagement with delivery teams.


— Our work improved overall quality of delivery and enabled the provider to adopt a faster, easier and overall more streamlined delivery approach.

— We are providing savings of more than 100k Euro per month through the value we provide to our customer

— By aligning and streamlining global operations, customer has improved proactivity, effectivity and overall operational costing.

— GDC Services impact covers Project management work, Operations management, as well as completely redesigns workplace services and their support model.

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