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Automated Smart Assistant Products

Automated Smart Assistant Products

Digital assistant to optimize IT services provision – cut expenses and improve service quality.

We automate routine and standard tasks and operations with the aid of ASA that are normally done by IT staff. As a result we decrease expenses, improve quality of provisioned services and Customers’ satisfaction. 

1) Essence of the service

ASA is a set of solutions comprised of:

2) Customer benefits 

  • Reduced IT staff workload through automation and digitalization of manual labor.
  • IT services quality and IT staff efficiency improvement.
  • Use of cutting-edge technologies within IT service, with ability to scale them to other business areas.

3) Competitive advantages

  • Mature product that we use ourselves in our Company to provide IT services at both local and international markets that reflects our many years of developments and experience.
  • Simplicity of integration with key ITSM systems.
  • Modularity, flexibility and adaptability to individual needs.

4) What technologies can be used as part of the service implementation?

  • ML-models
  • Microservices
  • CI/CD


IT services quality improvement
Automation helps to reduce the amount of errors caused by human factor, by 30%.
Digitalization of manual labor
Business process automation supports Company's efficiency strategy.
Acceleration of work
Speed is the growth of profits and customer loyalty.
We develop a product based on both the experience of world leaders and our own experience of using it in our services.
Flexible development
We develop our automation considering individual requirements of the Customer.
Quick savings
Average payback period for implementation costs is less than 1 year.

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