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Automated Call Agent

Automated Call Agent

Automatic notification of duty engineers and managers in case of high priority incidents and issues in accordance with predefined rules/procedures/escalation matrix; it allows to avoid human errors minimizes incident breaches (SLA compliance), decreases cost of 24х7 services.  
PaaS solution for automatic notification of duty engineers/managers by phone call, SMS, messengers in accordance with predefined rules/procedures in case of high priority incidents/issues.
  • Improved event/incident management service by elimination of human errors
  • Reduced 24х7 monitoring/Service Desk team efforts

Solution features:

  • Performing a TOC call if a certain priority incident/alert notification is received (base functionality).
  • SLA check notification for incidents in-progress
  • Additional incident information sent by SMS notification
  • Incident assignment group in SMS notification
  • Call-escalation to a manager (coordinator) according to  certain rules in  case of TOC unavailability
  • Incident storm handling
  • Call confirmation by TOC- to ensure successful notification
  • Outgoing Call Queue
  • Reliable direct integration with ITSM or monitoring system  using API and service account.
  • Can be integrated via email in case of impossibility of integration via API.
  • Flexible system configuration, use it simultaneously for various project streams.
  • Individual voice notification depending on the project name
  • Logging actions in the system. Information storage in the database
  • Information security policies and user profiles (user has access to the permitted data only)
  • Self-monitoring, solution support 24х7
  • Statistics and reporting.
The solution has more than 20 implementations. More than 50000 calls in 2021.


Easy-to-use interface
Incident/call information, adjustable reporting
24х7 solution support
Low costs
In comparison with analogues
Can be easily customized for any customer requirements
Can be easy deployed in any public cloud or on-prem environment

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