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Migration from vShape platform to Microsoft Azure


European vending and coffee services operator

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To migrate servers from vShape platform that was shutting down by end of March 2021 to Azure cloud, with multiple critical systems which availability was crucial for company operations, and not-utilized servers to be decommissioned within very tight and challenging timeframe.

  • no fixed and clear scope which was clarified along the way.
  • environment with multiple and overlapping authorities within the Customer account.

To establish migration plan as 16 Customer application owners and 2 third-party providers had to be aligned from multiple locations across Europe and with different availability and inputs from business.

To prepare DMZ environment from scratch in Azure as a new landing zone for application workloads accessed from the internet.

To do Infrastructure discovery & application assessment without close Customer involvement.


  • Re-design existing Azure virtual networks and incorporate new multi hub and spoke topologies with DMZ in Azure
  • Extensive pre-migration testing to match provided time slots
  • Incorporating lessons learnt to decrease migrations times
  • Establishing agile rolling migration plan
  • Empowering Customer and collaboration to find best possible solution and time for scheduling
  • Professional remote support by engineers and continuous availability to address Customer’s questions and concerns
  • Proactive investigation and improvement of current migrations process and runbooks
  • Going the extra mile in supporting Customer with out of scope activities to ensure the success of project and Customer’s satisfaction
  • Cross-functional services - Incident/ Change/ Problem/ Configuration Management
  • Transparent communication to Customer
  • Continuous plan refinement and aligning with Customer point of contact


  • Value based approach
  • End-to-end service delivery model from single location
  • Transparent and clear communication and collaboration
  • Dedicated professional team which provides high-quality ongoing support and service design support
  • Detailed cost overview for each phase of the project
  • Minimum business impact and uninterrupted service out of agreed migration time slots

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