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Cloud Migration for an International IT Company

An International IT company

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The project was commissioned by the local European branch of an international IT company that operates in over 30 countries worldwide.

Since its inception, the client has operated within a hybrid IT infrastructure, with a portion of their assets housed in the data center of the parent company.

However, it became apparent over time that the current approach, along with the equipment, operational standards, and established principles, required an update — necessitating a reevaluation of infrastructure maintenance methods.

The client was entering a new stage of business evolution, which required to determine the most effective method to ensure the uninterrupted and efficient operation of all systems.

Thus, the goal was to transfer all the client's user devices and services to a cloud infrastructure.


Upon initiating the migration project, our team immediately delved into analyzing the client's requirements for their IT system transformation.

We were faced with a decision: either invest in new hardware and dedicate time to physical setup and maintenance, contradicting the client's wish to minimize physical IT space, or migrate to a flexible and cost-effective cloud model. Thanks to the dynamic nature of Microsoft Azure and its native integration with key management services, we opted for the latter, thereby ensuring easy scalability and swift application implementation.

We identified critically important cloud services from Active Directory for centralized account and device management to specialized solutions like corporate HR applications needed to replace outdated systems. This decision laid the groundwork for future solution architecture.

During the migration process, a key aspect was to ensure centralized management of subscriber devices, which we successfully accomplished via Intune. This service allowed us to automate device setup and updates, simplifying deployment and transferring support tasks to Microsoft.

Cloud solutions also boosted our security measures: through integration with Microsoft Defender, we ensured the protection of both user devices and servers. The unified security environment significantly eased system integration and bolstered the overall infrastructure security.

The final step involved transitioning the client's
employees to the updated platform, which included migrating accounts and
licenses. We prepared users for these changes by providing them with advance
notice and facilitating a smooth transition between the old and new systems.


  •  Upon project completion, we successfully migrated the client's entire IT infrastructure to the cloud, and by early 2024, the old systems were fully decommissioned. This transition liberated the client from reliance on outdated technological solutions.
  • The innovative approach to deployment not only ensured swift and simple resource implementation in the cloud but also significantly reduced time spent on administrative tasks. The migration to a new cloud provider resulted in resource savings for the client and optimized IT asset management.
  • The client's employees can now perform their duties from anywhere in the world, free from traditional network infrastructure constraints and without the need for virtual private networks, greatly enhancing their workflow and convenience.
  • Significant savings on energy and facility operation costs were a welcome bonus to the client's improved business efficiency, allowing budget reallocation to other strategic areas of company development.
  • Security was a fundamental aspect of the migration, with new password management and authentication standards recommended by Microsoft, and Microsoft Defender providing continuous protection for the cloud environment and user devices, creating a robust defense against cyber threats.

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