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Colibri Applications Lifecycle Management

Colibri Applications Lifecycle Management

Single product with complete coverage of applications management throughout its lifecycle in any customers infrastructure.

1 product covers whole lifecycle with automation level up to 80% across the stages, which allows to increase team’s productivity by 35% and optimize SLA levels by 50%.

Colibri is designed to support application package creation of any type of software for mass rollouts, followed by automatic integration into any type of enterprise management systems for Windows, Nix and MacOS environments. The product provides high level of automation on all stages throughout lifecycle and is designed to be single pane of glass for applications for all roles involved into service, including customer.

Colibri Products: 

Colibri Tracker 4.0
  • Web application designed for managing of full application lifecycle with powerful automation and reporting mechanisms. Core product for Client Applications Fabric service.
Colibri Cloud Automation
  • Web application which performs automated application smoke testing for packages in the cloud environment. It is used for packages compatibility testing and Windows 10/11 Evergreen Lifecycle.
Colibri AppPortal
  • Web portal with ready-to-deploy packages. Packages are updated on a monthly basis that is why always are up-to-date.

Colibri supports most popular client OS, package formats and enterprise management systems.


Cloud and on-prem options
Web-application is hosted by GDC Services and available via internet. When necessary separate on-prem instance could be deployed.
Product integrates with any popular deployment system (SCCM, Intune, Salt, etc) to automate applications delivery. At the same time 3rd party applications could be integrated with it via Colibri API.
Center of Automation
Colibri is repository of automations for any stage in the process. All the automations are launched from the web-application.
Full Coverage
Support of all client OS: Windows, Linux, MacOS; package formats: MSIX, MSI, App-V, Scripted, AppImage, Flatpak, DEB, RPM, PKG; and enterprise management systems: SCCM/MECM, Intune, Salt, Ansible, Puppet, JAMF, VMWare WorkspaceOne, Ivanti Unified Endpoint Management,
Flexible license cost
Per-transaction and subscription-based license cost options available. Free of charge in case of Client Applications Fabric service delivery.
Information on status of any release is available in real time to any role in the service; powerful reporting/dashboarding, alerting/notification and resource management features.
Single pane of glass
Colibri covers the whole application management lifecycle “End-2-End”, yet the workflow is 100% customizable, meaning that it could be adopted for any customer needs.

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