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Client Application Fabric

Client Application Fabric

VMWare WorkspaceOne
Ivanti Unified Endpoint Management
Complete management of client applications lifecycle utilizing customization factory approach, extensive automation, and mature software solution from GDC Services.

6+ years of experience in application packaging, 70,000+ packages created with impressive SLA 99.8% (for speed and quality) for 30 service projects, over 15 million software deployments in the last 5 years with highest target on deployment success rate (95% within a week).

Application package creation of any type of software for mass rollouts, followed by integration into any type of Enterprise Management Systems for Windows, Nix and MacOS environments. The service is highly automated throughout lifecycle, focused on elimination of errors and end user experience interruption without the involvement of support teams.
Our unique experience in application packaging and deployment is intended to make the applications manageable for any customer. It’s a real cost saving, the highest level of quality and risk management for business-critical applications.

Our flexible cost model, which could be per-package or subscription based (or the mix of both), covers complete applications lifecycle and will suite any customer.


Full Coverage
Support of all client OS: Windows, Linux, MacOS; package formats: MSIX, MSI, App-V, Scripted, AppImage, Flatpak, DEB, RPM, PKG; and enterprise management systems: SCCM/MECM, Intune, Salt, Ansible, Puppet, JAMF. 
Flexible cost model
Main cost model options are per-package based and subscription based with the split on components, which allows to adapt the service for any customer requirements.
Factory approach
The application management is split on multiple stages with several quality gates throughout the process, which ensures the highest quality and user experience.
Standardization of all work procedures with maximum flexibility in customization of application configuration and its lifecycle processes.
Unique expertise
The application package creation process for mass rollouts “End-2-End” in accordance with the best practices and industry standards, automation, reporting and factory approach.

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