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GDC Services develops multilingual service desk

GDC Services develops multilingual service desk


One of the core competences of GDC Services is Service Desk with artificial intelligence, aimed at providing first line support for end users. The company’s mission is to provide the highest quality of service while also striving for the highest customer satisfaction and user experience possible.

In order to comply the requirements, the most advanced technologies, tools, and systems, some of which rely on automatization to ensure the ease and smoothness of the entire process of providing basic support are used. The Service Desk agents rely on AWS for telephony and ServiceNow/TfSNow as a ticketing system, which helps greatly with providing the quality support, improving communication with the users and ensuring that the process of resolving the issue is properly followed and analyzed.

The key advantage of the GDC Services Service Desk is a multi-language support. Today, the company provides support in a variety of different languages (including English, German, Russian, Czech, Slovakian, Romanian, Slovenian, Bulgarian, and Turkish). Having multiple supported languages greatly improves the service since the specialists are able to understand the needs of the users better and cater to them specifically.

Also, the company provides a variety of trainings, as well as helps the agents to prepare for certain certifications (e.g. ITIL4 Foundation).

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